57-8a-403. Property and liability insurance required -- Notice if insurance not reasonably available

(1) Beginning not later than the day on which the first lot is conveyed to a person other than a declarant, an association shall maintain, to the extent reasonably available:
      (a) subject to Section 57-8a-405, blanket property insurance or guaranteed replacement cost insurance on the physical structure of all attached dwellings, limited common areas appurtenant to a dwelling on a lot, and common areas in the project, insuring against all risks of direct physical loss commonly insured against, including fire and extended coverage perils; and
      (b) subject to Section 57-8a-406, liability insurance covering all occurrences commonly insured against for death, bodily injury, and property damage arising out of or in connection with the use, ownership, or maintenance of the common areas.

(2) If an association becomes aware that property insurance under Subsection (1)(a) or liability insurance under Subsection (1)(b) is not reasonably available, the association shall, within seven calendar days after becoming aware, give all lot owners notice, as provided in Section 57-8a-214, that the insurance is not reasonably available. 

Enacted 2011, ch. 355.  Amended 2013, Ch 152, eff. May 14, 2013.

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