57-8-36. Existing projects - Effect of statutory amendments

Any condominium project established by instruments filed for record prior to the effective date of the foregoing amendments to the Condominium Ownership Act (hereinafter referred to as an "existing project") and the rights and obligations of all parties interested in any such existing project shall, to the extent that the declaration, bylaws, and condominium plat concerning the existing project are inconsistent with the provisions of these amendments, be governed and controlled by the provisions of the Condominium Ownership Act as they existed prior to these amendments and by the terms of the existing project's declaration, bylaws, and condominium plat to the extent that these terms are consistent with applicable law other than these amendments. Any existing project containing or purporting to contain time period units, convertible land, or convertible space, any existing project which is or purports to be a contractible, expandable, or leasehold condominium, the validity of any such project, and the validity and enforceability of any provisions concerning time period units, convertible land, convertible space, withdrawable land, additional land, or leased land which are set forth in an existing project's declaration, bylaws, or condominium plat, shall be governed by applicable law in effect prior to these amendments, including principles relating to reasonableness, certainty, and constructive and actual notice, shall not necessarily be ineffective or defeated in whole or in part because the project or provision in question does not comply or substantially comply with those requirements of the foregoing amendments which would have been applicable had the instruments creating the project been recorded after the effective date of these amendments, but shall, in any event, be valid, effective, and enforceable if the project or provision in question either substantially complies with those requirements of the foregoing amendments which relate to the subject at issue or employs an arrangement which substantially achieves the same policy as underlies those requirements of the foregoing amendments which relate to the subject at issue.

Enacted 1975, ch. 173; 1975, ch. 173. Amended 2003, ch. 265, eff. May 5, 2003.


The term “amendments,” appearing throughout this section, means those amendments made by Laws 1975, ch. 173, §§ 1 through 19, which appear as §§ 57-8-3, 57-8-6, 57-8-7, 57-8-10, 57-8-13 through 57-8-13.14, 57-8-16.5, 57-8-18, 57-8-24, 57-8-27, 57-8-32.5, 57-8-35, 57-8-36. The effective date of Laws 1975, ch. 173 was July 1, 1975.

General Session 2003, ch. 265 substituted reference throughout the section to condominium plat for record of survey map.

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