57-8-17. Records of receipts and expenditures - Availability for examination -- 2011 Version

Historical Version of Section.
Effective May 10, 2011.  
Superseded May 12, 2015. 

(1) As used in this section, "management committee" includes, during the period of control described in Subsection 57-8-16.5(1):
     (a) the declarant; or
     (b) the managing agent or other person selected by the declarant to exercise powers and responsibilities otherwise assigned by the declaration or this chapter to the unit owners' association, its officers, or the management committee, if the declarant has selected a managing agent or other person to exercise those powers and responsibilities.

(2) The manager or management committee shall:
     (a) keep detailed, accurate records in chronological order, of the receipts and expenditures affecting the common areas and facilities, specifying and itemizing the maintenance and repair expenses of the common areas and facilities and any other expenses incurred; and
     (b) make those records available for examination by any unit owner at convenient hours of weekdays no later than 14 days after the unit owner makes a written request to examine the records.

Enacted 1963, ch 111.  Amended by Chapter 95, 2011 General Session

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HOA resources and laws annotated