articles of incorporation

An association is established as a corporation by filing articles of incorporation with the Utah Division of Corporations.  Articles should contain only:

(1) the purposes of the corporation;
(2) the name of the corporation;
(3) the name and address of the registered agent;
(4) the name and address of each incorporator;
(5) whether or not the nonprofit corporation will have voting members;
(6) if the nonprofit corporation is to issue shares of stock evidencing membership or interests in water or other property rights:
      (i) the total number of shares that may be issued; and
      (ii) if the shares are to be divided into classes, the number of shares of each class, the designation of each class, and a statement of the preferences, limitations, and relative rights of the shares of each class; and
(7) provisions not inconsistent with law regarding the distribution of assets on dissolution.

If there is a conflict between governing documents, CC&Rs govern over articles of incorporation, but articles govern over bylaws, rules, and board resolutions.

An unfortunate but not uncommon mistake is to

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Statutes and Cases:

(For reference: 57-8 is the Condo Act, 57-8a is the Community Association Act, 16-6a is the Nonprofit Act)
HOA resources and laws annotated
HOA resources and laws annotated