16-6a-201. Incorporators
16-6a-202. Articles of incorporation
16-6a-203. Incorporation
16-6a-205. Organization of the corporation
16-6a-901. Indemnification definitions
16-6a-902. Authority to indemnify directors
16-6a-903. Mandatory indemnification of directors
16-6a-904. Advance of expenses for directors
16-6a-905. Court-ordered indemnification of directors
16-6a-906. Determination and authorization of indemnification of directors
16-6a-907. Indemnification of officers, employees, fiduciaries, and agents
16-6a-908. Insurance
16-6a-909. Limitations on indemnification of directors
16-6a-910. Notice to voting members of indemnification of director
57-8-10.3. Indemnification and limit of liability
57-8-13. Condominium plat to be recorded
57-8-28. Exemption from rules of property
57-8-30. Application of insurance proceeds to reconstruction
57-8-31. Disposition of property where insurance proceeds are insufficient for reconstruction.
57-8-40. Organization of an association of unit owners under other law -- Reorganization
57-8-43. Insurance
57-8-8.1. Equal treatment by rules required -- Limits on rules
57-8a-218. Equal treatment by rules required -- Limits on association rules and design criteria
57-8a-226. Board meetings -- Open Meetings
57-8a-228. Organization of an association -- Governing document hierarchy -- Reorganization
57-8a-401. Definition
57-8a-402. Applicability of part
57-8a-403. Property and liability insurance required -- Notice if insurance not reasonably available
57-8a-404. Other and additional insurance -- Limit on effect of lot owner act or omission -- Insurer's subrogation waiver -- Inconsistent provisions
57-8a-405. Property insurance
57-8a-406. Liability insurance
American National Property & Casualty Company v. Sorensen (common area as insured location under homeowner's policy) '13
B. Investment LC v. Anderson (plat v CC&Rs, unit definition) '12
Dansie v. Hi-Country Estates HOA (recording & notice of covenants, merger, general plan or scheme) '99
Fort Pierce v. Shakespeare (CC&Rs not strictly construed) '16
Gables at Sterling v. Castlewood-Sterling (defective construction, privity, assignment, breach of fiduciary duty) '18
Hayes v. Gibbs (general plan or scheme; tax sale) '46
Hi-Country v. Emmer (evaluating independence of committee in derivative suit) '13
Holladay Duplex Management Co v. Howells (CC&R interpretation) '02
Interest on Contracts, Judgments - Utah Code Title 15, Chapter 1
Levanger v. Vincent (strict compliance, voting procedures) '00
Lodge at Westgate Park City v. Westgate Resorts (standing to represent owners, promissory estoppel, ratification, common area definition)
Park West Condo v. Deppe (which law governs, strict compliance) '06
Rapoport v. Four Lakes Village (ARC review, requiring neighbors' consent for an improvement, attorney fees) '13
Reedeker v. Salisbury (director liability, ultra vires, CC&Rs are a contract, interpretation, governing law) '98
South Ridge Homeowners' Assoc v. Brown (interpreting documents, short term rentals) '10
Statutes, Construction of. Title 68, Ch. 3 (rules for interpreting Utah statutes; definitions)
Swenson v. Erickson (abandonment, architectural review) '00
Swenson v. Erickson (amending covenants) '07
Turner v. Hi-Country HOA (paying assessments when no benefit received) '96
UDAK Properties v. Canyon Creek Commercial (court gives effect to each contract provision, interpretation) '21
Vanderwood v. Woodward (abandonment, CC&R interpretation, injunctive relief) '19
View Condo Ass'n v. MSICO (developer amendments, plat amendments, takings) '05
Workman v. Brighton Properties, Inc. (paying assessments when no benefit received) '99
HOA resources and laws annotated
HOA resources and laws annotated