Statutes and Cases:

(For reference: 57-8 is the Condo Act, 57-8a is the Community Association Act, 16-6a is the Nonprofit Act)

16-6a-102. Definitions
16-6a-103. Notice
16-6a-119. Execution against a mutual benefit corporation
16-6a-1302. Authorized distributions
16-6a-1601. Corporate records
16-6a-1605. Limitations on use of membership list
16-6a-202. Articles of incorporation
16-6a-602. Number and classes
16-6a-610. Purchase of memberships
16-6a-611. No property right
16-6a-704. Notice of meeting
16-6a-705. Waiver of notice
16-6a-706. Record date -- Determining members entitled to notice and vote
16-6a-708. Meetings by telecommunication
16-6a-710. Members' list for meeting and action by written ballot
16-6a-711. Voting entitlement generally
16-6a-712. Proxies
16-6a-713. Nonprofit corporation's acceptance of votes
16-6a-714. Quorum and voting requirements for voting groups
16-6a-715. Action by single and multiple voting groups
16-6a-717. Voting for directors -- Cumulative voting
16-6a-718. Voting agreements
16-6a-812. Meetings
16-6a-813. Action without meeting
16-6a-814. Notice of meeting
16-6a-816. Quorum and voting
16-6a-818. Officers
57-8-10.3. Indemnification and limit of liability
57-8-13.1. Registration with Department of Commerce
57-8-16. Contents of bylaws
57-8-16.5. Appointment and removal of committee members and association officers -- Renewal or ratification of contracts -- Failure to establish association or committee
57-8-17. Records - Availability for examination
57-8-3. Definitions
57-8-33. Actions
57-8-37. Fines
57-8-4.5. Removing or altering partition or creating aperture between adjoining units
57-8-57. Management committee meetings -- Open meetings
57-8-59. Management committee
57-8-6.7. Limit on fee for approval of plans
57-8-7. Common areas and facilities
57-8-8. Compliance with covenants, bylaws and/or house rules and administrative provisions
57-8-9. Certain work prohibited
57-8a-102. Definitions
57-8a-208. Fines
57-8a-224. Responsibility for the maintenance, repair, and replacement of common area and lots
57-8a-226. Board meetings -- Open Meetings
57-8a-227. Records -- Availability for examination
Brickyard HOA Management Committee v. Gibbons (standing to represent owners) '83
Dansie v. Hi-Country Estates HOA (recording & notice of covenants, merger, general plan or scheme) '99
Davencourt at Pilgrims Landing HOA v. Davencourt et al. (economic loss doctrine, developer duties, implied warranty of habitability) '09
Open Meetings, What's Required?
Primer for Board Members
Reedeker v. Salisbury (director liability, ultra vires, CC&Rs are a contract, interpretation, governing law) '98
Secor v. Knight (merger doctrine as to covenants) '86
Walker Invest v. Sunpeak Ass'n (records request, emails and phone numbers) '15
HOA resources and laws annotated
HOA resources and laws annotated