electronic methods

When can something be done or kept electronically instead of with printed paper?  When can notice be sent electronically to members?  When can an association use electronic methods to conduct a vote?

Electronic Same as Paper.  Utah law treats an electronic record as a writing, so if a law or document requires something to be in writing, an electronic record or document

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16-6a-102. Definitions
16-6a-103. Notice
16-6a-1603. Scope of inspection right
16-6a-705. Waiver of notice
16-6a-707. Action without meeting
16-6a-708. Meetings by telecommunication
16-6a-709. Action by written ballot
16-6a-712. Proxies
16-6a-813. Action without meeting
57-8-17. Records - Availability for examination
57-8-3. Definitions
57-8-37. Fines
57-8-42. Fair and reasonable notice
57-8-57. Management committee meetings -- Open meetings
57-8a-102. Definitions
57-8a-208. Fines
57-8a-214. Fair and reasonable notice
57-8a-226. Board meetings -- Open Meetings
57-8a-227. Records -- Availability for examination
HOA resources and laws annotated
HOA resources and laws annotated