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Definition: secretary

The law requires the bylaws or the board to delegate to the secretary or someone else responsibility for:

  1. the preparation and maintenance of (a) minutes of the directors' and members' meetings, and (b) other records and information required to be kept by the association under Section 16-6a-1601; and
  2. authenticating records of the association.

A secretary does not need to be a director or a member of the association, unless the bylaws require it.

A secretary may be appointed by the board or in a manner as the board of directors or bylaws provide.  A secretary may appoint one or more assistant secretaries if authorized by the bylaws or the board.

Statutes and Cases:

(For reference: 57-8 is the Condo Act, 57-8a is the Community Association Act, 16-6a is the Nonprofit Act)
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HOA resources and laws annotated