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Community Associations.  In community associations, the governing documents dictate what voting right is applicable to each lot.  Typically, each lot has one vote in association matters, regardless of how many people are on title as owners of the lot, and regardless of how many lots are owned by the same person (meaning if one owner owns three lots, that owner has three votes).  The Community Association Act does not specify anything in this regard.

Nonprofit Act.  The Nonprofit Act defers to an association's governing documents as to how many votes each member has.  It's placeholder provision, which applies if a community association's governing documents are silent (but not in a condo), is that each member entitled to vote has one vote (regardless of how many lots are owned) if the corporation does not issue shares to its members, and one vote for each share held by the member if shares are issued to members.  See Utah Code § 16-6a-711.

Condo Associations.  In condominium associations, the Condo Act governs over the

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(For reference: 57-8 is the Condo Act, 57-8a is the Community Association Act, 16-6a is the Nonprofit Act)
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