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2 Hours Attorney Time

Get counsel from an HOA specialist attorney at Kimble Law.  Two hours of attorney time is included per subscription period (yearly) to use however you want.
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6 Key Resolutions

The 6 resolutions every HOA should have, with the procedures required by law for certain issues, updated as the laws change yearly, so your HOA can always be in compliance:

•   Open Meetings, Action (voting) without Meeting, HOA Registry
•  Reserve Analysis and Reserve Fund
•  Rule-making Procedure, Fining Procedure, Fine Schedule, Hearing Procedures
•  Collection Policy and Remedies: Terminating Utilities, Rent Payments
•  Electronic Notice, Electronic Means
•  Records Retention and Examination by Owners
A $1,600 value!
Other Policy Resolutions
•   Reasonable Accommodation Requests Policy (including assistance animal requests). Avoid discrimination complaints from residents and fines from the UALD and HUD.
•  Satellite Dish Policy. Avoid violating federal law regarding HOA restrictions on satellite dishes.
A $750+ value!
Step-by-Step Guides

Guides to walk the board through responding to:

•   Owner records requests. Avoid the penalties imposed by law for failing to properly respond to an owner's records request.
•  Resident request to keep assistance animal as a "reasonable accommodation" under the law because of disability. Avoid discrimination complaints and fines from the UALD and HUD.
•  Others coming soon!
Reduce the need to contact the HOA's attorney!

Templates updated as the laws change yearly for:

•   taking action/voting without a meeting by the board,
•  the warning notice required by law that must be given to an owner before a fine is levied,
•  demand to delinquent owner regarding rent from tenant,
•  letter to tenant of delinquent owner regarding paying rent payments to HOA instead of owner/landlord,
•  letter to delinquent owner regarding terminating utilities and/or access to amenities, voting rights.
•  Plus more!
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* The value of resources provided exceeds $3,400 assuming rate of $225 an hour. Only attorney work specifically stated is provided.

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