16-6a-1403. Articles of dissolution

(1) At any time after dissolution is authorized, the nonprofit corporation may dissolve by delivering to the division for filing articles of dissolution setting forth:
     (a) the name of the nonprofit corporation;
     (b) (i) (A) the address of the nonprofit corporation's principal office; or
                  (B) if a principal office is not to be maintained, a statement that the nonprofit corporation will not maintain a principal office; and
            (ii) if different from the address of the principal office or if no principal office is to be maintained, the address to which service of process may be mailed pursuant to Section 16-6a-1409;
     (c) the date dissolution was authorized;
     (d) if dissolution was authorized by the directors or the incorporators pursuant to Section 16-6a-1401, a statement to that effect;
     (e) if dissolution was approved by the members pursuant to Section 16-6a-1402, a statement that the number of votes cast for the proposal to dissolve by each voting group entitled to vote separately on the proposal was sufficient for approval by that voting group; and
     (f) any additional information as the division determines is necessary or appropriate.

(2) A nonprofit corporation is dissolved upon the effective date of its articles of dissolution.

(3) Articles of dissolution need not be filed by a nonprofit corporation that is dissolved pursuant to Section 16-6a-1418

Enacted by Chapter 300, 2000 General Session

HOA resources and laws annotated
HOA resources and laws annotated