16-6a-1417. Decree of dissolution

(1) If after a hearing the court determines that one or more grounds for judicial dissolution described in Section 16-6a-1414 exist:
     (a) the court may enter a decree:
            (i) dissolving the nonprofit corporation; and
            (ii) specifying the effective date of the dissolution; and
     (b) the clerk of the court shall deliver a certified copy of the decree to the division which shall file it accordingly.

(2) After entering the decree of dissolution, the court shall direct:
     (a) the winding up and liquidation of the nonprofit corporation's affairs in accordance with Section 16-6a-1405; and
     (b) the giving of notice to:
            (i) (A) the nonprofit corporation's registered agent; or
                  (B) the division if it has no registered agent; and
            (ii) to claimants in accordance with Sections 16-6a-1406 and 16-6a-1407.

(3) The court's order or decision may be appealed as in other civil proceedings. 

Enacted by Chapter 300, 2000 General Session

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HOA resources and laws annotated