16-6a-1510. Resignation of registered agent of foreign nonprofit corporation

(1) (a) The registered agent of a foreign nonprofit corporation authorized to conduct affairs in this state may resign the agency appointment by delivering to the division for filing a statement of resignation, that shall:
            (i) be signed by the resigning registered agent; and
            (ii) be accompanied by two exact or conformed copies of the statement of resignation; and
            (iii) include a declaration that notice of the resignation has been given to the foreign nonprofit corporation.
     (b) The statement of resignation may include a statement that the registered office is also discontinued.

(2) After filing the statement of resignation, the division shall deliver:
     (a) one copy of the statement of resignation to the registered office of the foreign nonprofit corporation; and
     (b) one copy of the statement of resignation to its principal office, if known.

(3) The agency appointment terminates, and the registered office discontinues if so provided, 31 days after the filing date of the statement of resignation. 

Enacted by Chapter 300, 2000 General Session

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