16-6a-1418. Dissolution upon expiration of period of duration

(1) A nonprofit corporation shall be dissolved upon and by reason of the expiration of its period of duration, if any, stated in its articles of incorporation.

(2) For purposes of this section:
     (a) a provision in the articles of incorporation is considered a provision for a period of duration if it is to the effect that the nonprofit corporation or its existence shall be terminated:
            (i) at a specified date;
            (ii) after a stated period of time;
            (iii) upon a contingency; or
            (iv) any event similar to those described in Subsections (2)(a)(i) through (iii); and
     (b) the following shall be considered to be the expiration of the nonprofit corporation's period of duration:
            (i) the occurrence of the specified date;
            (ii) the expiration of the stated period of time;
            (iii) the occurrence of the contingency; or
            (iv) the satisfaction of the provision described in Subsection (2)(a)(iv). 

Enacted by Chapter 300, 2000 General Session

HOA resources and laws annotated
HOA resources and laws annotated